• Biology,  MCQ


    Q1. Rules to explain “The phenomenon of inheritance of biological characteristics” was formulated by: A) T.H.Morgan  B) Gregor Johann Mendell C) Rudolf Virchow D) Bateson  E) Lamark Q2. Genetic research was activated and a revolution in modern biology occurred in the year: A) 1951-53 B) 1961-63 C) 1971-73 D) 1975-71 E) 1981-83 Q3. Genetic engineering  usually utilizes cells and plasmids of: A) Bacteria B) Viruses C) Algae D) Fungi E) Parasites Q4. “rDNA” is: A) Ribosomal DNA B) Riorazion DNA C) Resolution DNA D) Regenerate DNA E) Recombinant DNA Q5. DNA molecule into which a gene is inserted to construct a recombinant DNA molecule is: A) Activator  B) Initiator  C)…

  • Cell biology,  MCQ


    Q1) The relationship between mineral and water is know as: A) Ascent of sap B) Osmoregulation C) Excretion D) All of them Q2) The cell sap having solution of: A) One types B) Two types C) Three types D) Four types Q3) The water potential not more than: A) 1 B) 100 C) 1000 D) 10 Q4) The shrinkage of protoplasm is know as: A) Normal B) Turgid C) Plasmolysis D) Deplasrnolysid  Q5) The homeostasis means: A) Osmoregulation B) Excretion C) Both of these D) None of these Q6) In plant temperature maintained by: A) Osmosis B) Diffusion C) Inhibitions D) Transpiration Q7) Transpiration is take place through: A) Stomata…

  • Biochemistry,  MCQ


    Q1)  Any attribute or descriptive phrase, referring to form, structure or behaviour of a specific organism for a particular purpose is: A) Expression B) Specificity C) Character D) Nature E) None of the above Q2) Which one of the following is an example of “Expression of character”? A) Petal length B) Stem thickness C) Corolla colour D) Sepals colour green E) Leaf shape Q3) Living organisms having fundamental similarity in their structure are studied under: A) Biochemistry B) Anatomy C) Homology D) Heterology E) Cytology Q4) From evolutionary point of view, flipper and wing are believed to resemble human: A) Hand B) Foot C) Fingers D) Arm E) Leg Q5)…

  • Biochemistry,  MCQ


    Q1) Enzyme is a Greek word which means: A) in virus B) in bacteria C) in fungi D) in yeast E) in humans Q2) Who discovered that certain molecules of ribonucleic acid also function as enzymes? A) Friedrich Wilhem Kuhne only B) Friedrich and Thomas Cech C) Thomas Cech only D) Sidney Altman & Thomas Cech E) Sidney Altman only Q3) Molecule of ribonucleic acid which functions as enzymes are called: A) Increase energy of activation of reaction B) Maintain energy of activation of reaction C) Lower down energy of activation of reaction D) No effect on energy of activation of reaction E) Highly increase energy of activation of reaction…

  • MCQ


    Q1) Chemically, protoplasm contains: A) 60-70% of H2O B) 30-40% of H2O C) 90-95% of H2O D) 70-90% of H2O E) 50-60% of H2O Q2) If water is evaporated, the remaining dry weight of the cell consists of: A) Carbon B) Hydrogen C) Nitrogen D) Oxygen E) Ammonia Q3) During photosynthesis, which one is used as a reducing agent: A) Carbon B) Oxygen C) Hydrogen D) Nitrogen E) Ammonia Q4) Regarding the chemical composition of cells, which combination is correct? A) Water…. 95% B) Lipids…. 10% C) Protein…. 18% D) Carbohydrates…. 20% E) DNA…. 1% Q5) Regarding nucleic acid composition (in%) of the cell: A) RNA is more than DNA…


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