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    Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom covers about 35-phyla, of which 11 are considered to be major phyla. In major phyla, 10 are from Non-chordates and 1 from chordates. The 11-major phyla are – Phylum Protozoa: single-celled (solitary or colonial)Eukaryotes Phylum Porifera: Sponges Phylum Cnidaria: Jellyfishes and sea anemones Phylum Ctenophora*: Comb jellies Phylum Platyhelminthes: Flat warms Phylum Aschelminthes:…



    In this lesson, we discussing five kingdom classification. Five kingdom classification is proposed by R.H.Whittaker in 1969. the kingdom defined by him were named Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia. In this lesson, we show a brief introduction to these kingdoms for more information on kingdom please visit a particular lesson on that kingdom. Main Criteria…