• Biology

    Father of Various Branches of Biology

    Father of Agronomy Peter – De- Cresenji Father of Agriculture Norman Borlaug Father of Anatomy Andreas Vesalius Father of Botany Theophrastus Father of Biology Aristotle Father of Bacteriology Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Robert Koch / Ferdinand Cohn / Louis Pasteur Father of Blood Groups Karl Landsteiner Father of Blood Circulation William Harvey Father of Cytology Robert Hooke Father of Endocrinology Thomas Addison Father of Evolution Charles Darwin Father of Genetics G. J. Mendel Father of Modern Medicine Hippocrates Father of Modern Physiology Wilhelm Wundt Father of Modern Biochemistry Carl Alexander Neuberg Father of Immunology Edward Jenner’s Father of Taxonomy Carl Linnaeus Father of Surgery Sushruta Father of Eugenics Francis Galton Father…

  • Biology,  MCQ


    Q1. Rules to explain “The phenomenon of inheritance of biological characteristics” was formulated by: A) T.H.Morgan  B) Gregor Johann Mendell C) Rudolf Virchow D) Bateson  E) Lamark Q2. Genetic research was activated and a revolution in modern biology occurred in the year: A) 1951-53 B) 1961-63 C) 1971-73 D) 1975-71 E) 1981-83 Q3. Genetic engineering  usually utilizes cells and plasmids of: A) Bacteria B) Viruses C) Algae D) Fungi E) Parasites Q4. “rDNA” is: A) Ribosomal DNA B) Riorazion DNA C) Resolution DNA D) Regenerate DNA E) Recombinant DNA Q5. DNA molecule into which a gene is inserted to construct a recombinant DNA molecule is: A) Activator  B) Initiator  C)…

  • Biochemistry


    The word biotechnology has come from two words, bios (meaning biology) and technology (meaning technological application). Thus biotechnology is defined as the industrial application of living organisms and their biological processes such as biochemistry, microbiology, and genetic engineering, in order to make best use of the microorganisms for the benefit of mankind. Biotechnology is applied in many areas to produce foods and medicines, in the development of new diagnostic tools, gene therapy, and DNA finger-printing for forensic purposes. Applications of Biotechnology 1. Health and medicine Fighting infectious diseases: Biotechnology is used extensively in the study of infectious diseases such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), and influenza. As a result, more…


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