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    1. Formation of gametophyte directly from sporophyte without meiosis is (a) apospory (b) apogamy (c) parthenogenesis (d) amphimixis. Answer and Explanation: 1. (a): Formation of gametophyte directly from sporophyte without meiosis and spore formation is apospory. The gametophyte has a diploid number of chromosomes such gametophyte may form viable gametes which fuse to form tetraploid sporophyte. Apogamy is the development of sporophyte directly from gametophytic tissue without fusion of gametes. Amphimixis is normal sexual reproduction. Parthenogenesis is the development of an embryo from an egg without fertilization. 2. Parthenogenesis is (a) development of an embryo without fertilization (b) development of fruit without fertilization (c) development of fruit without hormones (d) development of…

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    Mitosis is a type of cell division by which a eukaryotic cell divides into two by a special method. In this process, the nucleus and chromosome are divided once and the number, structure and properties of the chromosome in the newly formed cell remain just like the mother. cell. Mitosis is also termed as equational division. Normally this division occurs in the somatic cell. As a result of this division, the plant and animal increases in length and breadth. Mitosis occurs in all meristematic cells of plants. Pre-Mitosis (Interphase): The chromosomes are duplicated just before mitosis, so there are two identical (‘sister’) copies of each one. This gives a total of…

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    Every living body is composed of the cell. Some living bodies are made of only one cell. They are called unicellular organism, e.g. Bacteria, Amoeba, Plasmodium, some Fungi and some Algae. Some living bodies are made of more than one cell. These are called the multicellular organism. There are many living bodies, which are made of millions of cells. Living bodies like a human. beings or mango tree etc. are composed of millions of cells. Unicellular organisms increase their number (multiple) by cell division. In this process, one cell divides into two, two to four and so on. In multicellular organisms, a large body consisting of millions of cells develops…


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