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    Q & A on living world and taxonomy

    https://youtu.be/VPvdSx18bk0 Q1. Who is known as the Darwin of the 20th centuryErnst Mayr(1940) – During the mid 20th century, Ernst Mayr was one of the ‘architects’ of the synthetic theory of evolution. He proposed Biological concept of species, on the basis of interbreeding Q2. In unicellular organisms the ……………. is synonymous with growth.In unicellular organisms like bacteria, amoeba and fungi reproduction of synonymous with growth. Growth is an increase in the size of organism and reproduction is giving rise to daughter organisms Q3. The sum of all chemical reactions occurring in our body is called .……..All living organisms are constantly making or breaking biomolecules. Such conversions are due to chemical…

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    Phylum Protozoa

    Protos—first, Zoan—animal, First animal phylum Study of protozoans called Protozoology Father of protozoology – Antony von Leeuwenhoek Term Protozoa was assigned by Goldfuss Protozoa belong to Kingdom Protista of Haeckel Single-celled, solitary or colonial, eukaryotes Important characters Size ranges from 1µ to 5000µ Aquatic – freshwater or marine forms, or endoparasites Grade of organization– protoplasmic or subcellular Locomotion by cilia, flagella or pseudopodia, or absent Skeleton – may or may not be present; if present then either calcareous or siliceous. Foraminifers have external shell of CaCO3 ( ex. Polystomella), whereas Radiolarians have internal plates of silica Osmoregulation by contractile vacuole in freshwater protozoans (isotonic to 0.8 % NaCl solution). C.V.…