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    1. Formation of gametophyte directly from sporophyte without meiosis is (a) apospory (b) apogamy (c) parthenogenesis (d) amphimixis. Answer and Explanation: 1. (a): Formation of gametophyte directly from sporophyte without meiosis and spore formation is apospory. The gametophyte has a diploid number of chromosomes such gametophyte may form viable gametes which fuse to form tetraploid sporophyte. Apogamy is the development of sporophyte directly from gametophytic tissue without fusion of gametes. Amphimixis is normal sexual reproduction. Parthenogenesis is the development of an embryo from an egg without fertilization. 2. Parthenogenesis is (a) development of an embryo without fertilization (b) development of fruit without fertilization (c) development of fruit without hormones (d) development of…

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    Q1. What is life span? Ans: Life span is the period from birth to natural death of an organism. Q2. Define clone. Ans: The individuals that are morphologically and genetically similar to the parent are called clone. Q3. Mention the different means/ methods of asexual reproduction with example. Ans:  Cell division – Protista, Monera Binary fission – Amoeba, Paramecium Budding – Yeast Zoospores (microscopic motile endogenous spores) – aquatic fungi, chlamydomonas Conidia (microscopic immotile exogenous spores)- pencillium External buds – hydra Internal buds like gemmules – sponges (spongilla) Q4.Unicellular organisms are immortal. Justify. Ans: Single celled organisms like amoeba & bacteria reproduce by cell division and there is no natural…


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