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    Biological Classification

    In our daily life, we come across several animals, plants, and microbes, which have been named in order to understand their importance and to communicate with them. However, this communication about organisms becomes difficult in an area or a region where they do not occur or if they occur but are recognized by some other name. Further, organic evolution has caused a great number of biodiversity adding another problem to biologists to remember, and to identify new ones. All these factors contribute to a need for developing a system, called taxonomy.Taxonomy is the branch of science dealing with naming, Taxonomy is the branch of science dealing with naming, the grouping…

  • Biology


    Life can be defined as the unique complex organization of molecules expressing itself through chemical reactions ( metabolism) which lead to growth, development, responsiveness, adaptation and reproduction. Living things possess certain characteristics, which makes them different from non-living things. CHARACTERISTICS OF LIVING BEINGS METABOLISM  Metabolism is a process by which all living things assimilate energy and use it for various purposes like growth, movement, development, responsiveness, reproduction, etc Chemical reactions are classified into catabolism and anabolism Catabolic activities  Catabolic activities release energy Energy liberating reactions are termed as ‘exergonic’ These are some total of breakdown or destructive process. These reactions from simple substances from complex ones C6H12O6 + 6O2    →…


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