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  • Q&A on plant structure and function

    Q&A on plant structure and function

    Q: What is the primary function of plant leaves? A: The primary function of plant leaves is to perform photosynthesis, where they convert sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into glucose and oxygen. Additionally, leaves also facilitate gas exchange and transpiration. Q: How do plant roots contribute to the overall health of a plant? A: Plant…

  • Plant structure and function

    Plant structure and function

    Let’s delve into more detail about plant structure and function: Plant Structure: Roots: Function: Roots have several essential functions, including anchoring the plant in the soil, absorbing water and minerals, and storing carbohydrates. Types: Taproots: A single, large, central root, typical in dicotyledonous plants. Fibrous roots: A network of fine, slender roots, common in monocotyledonous…

  • Quiz On Transport in plant

    Quiz On Transport in plant

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  • Asexual reproduction in plant Quiz

    Asexual reproduction in plant Quiz

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    Q1. What is life span? Ans: Life span is the period from birth to natural death of an organism. Q2. Define clone. Ans: The individuals that are morphologically and genetically similar to the parent are called clone. Q3. Mention the different means/ methods of asexual reproduction with example. Ans:  Cell division – Protista, Monera Binary…


    Q1) Name the associated structure of companion cell. Ans: Sieve tube cell Q2) Name an enucleated plant cell. Ans: Sieve tube cell Q3) Name the conductory elements of xylem. Ans: Tracheary elements- Tracheids and Vessels (tracheae)  Q4) What is periderm? Ans: Phellogen, Phellum and Phelloderm are collectively called as Periderm Q5) What is annual ring?…