Quiz On Transport in plant

Transport in plant

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1. What role do guard cells play in the opening and closing of stomata?

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2. Which gas is primarily exchanged through stomata during the process of transpiration?

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3. What is the term for the loss of water vapor from the aerial parts of a plant, primarily through stomata in the leaves?

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4. In which direction does phloem transport organic nutrients within a plant?

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5. Which of the following plant tissues is responsible for lateral growth and the formation of secondary xylem and phloem?

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6. What are the small openings on the surface of leaves that allow for the exchange of gases and the loss of water vapor in plants called?

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7. Which force is primarily responsible for the movement of water and minerals through the xylem from the roots to the leaves in a plant?

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8. What is the process by which water and minerals are absorbed from the soil by plant roots and transported to the rest of the plant?

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9. Which tissue in plants is responsible for the transport of organic nutrients, such as sugars, from the leaves to other parts of the plant?

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10. What is the primary function of the xylem in plants?

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