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Movement of Substances Quiz


Movement of Substances

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The diagram shows three plant cells labelled P, Q and R. The arrows show the direction of water movement by osmosis.

What is the correct order of water potential in the cells, from the highest to the lowest?

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The cell wall of a plant cell is removed using an enzyme.
What would happen if this cell is then placed in distilled water?

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Which statements about diffusion are correct?
1 Molecules move at random.
2 Molecules move down a concentration gradient.
3 Molecules may move through a partially permeable membrane

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How do plants absorb nitrate ions by active transport?

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What describes the diffusion of molecules?

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The small intestine of a person contains a lower concentration of glucose than is present in the blood.
The cells of the villi absorb glucose.
By which process is the glucose absorbed?

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The diagram shows the net movement of water by osmosis between four adjacent cells.
Which cell has the highest water potential?

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Which movement of a substance in plants is an energy-consuming process?

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Which statement is always correct when oxygen is diffusing out of a plant cell?

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The diagram represents an apparatus used to investigate osmosis.

Which molecules will move across the partially permeable membrane and which change will occur in the solution level?

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