• Biochemistry


    Meiosis is the type of cell division by which gametes (eggs or sperm) are formed. It involves two divisions and results in four different daughter cells that have 23 chromosomes. This ensures that, when an egg and a sperm unite during fertilization, the resulting embryo will have 46 chromosomes – the normal number for a human. The first meiotic division is called Meiosis I, and the second meiotic division is called Meiosis II. Meiosis I Meiosis one is identical to the stages of mitosis. The only difference is that each stage ends with an “I” to identify it is occurring during Meiosis I. please click here for mitosis Meiosis II…

  • environmental science

    The Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies

    Definition Environmental studies deal with every issue that affects an organism. It is essentially a multidisciplinary approach that brings about an appreciation of our natural world and human impacts on its integrity. It is an applied science as it seeks practical answers to making human civilization sustainable on the earth’s finite resources. Its components include biology, geology, chemistry, physics, engineering, sociology, health, anthropology, economics, statistics, computers and philosophy. Scope As we look around at the area in which we live, we see that our surroundings were originally a natural landscape such as a forest, a river, a mountain, a desert, or a combination of these elements. Most of us live…


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