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    A tissue is a group of cells having a common origin and usually performing a common function. A plant is made up of different kinds of tissues. Tissues are classified into two main groups, namely, meristematic and permanent tissues based on whether the cells being formed are capable of dividing or not. Meristematic Tissues Growth in plants is largely restricted to specialised regions of active cell division called meristems (Gk. meristos: divided). Plants have different kinds of meristems. The meristems which occur at the tips of roots and shoots and produce primary tissues are called apical meristems (Figure). Apical meristem: Shoot Apical meristem: Root Root apical meristem occupies the tip…

  • Botony


    The arrangement of flower on the floral axis is called inflorescence. Racemose In this type of inflorescence, the main axis continues to grow and does not terminate in a flower and give off flower laterally in an acropetal manner where old flowers are arranged toward the base and young flowers are at the tip. When peduncle is broad then flowers are centripetally arranged. This is of following different types : Raceme – When peduncle (main axis) is elongated and flowers are pedicellate. eg. Radish, a characteristic feature of Cruciferae family When peduncle is branched and each branch bear pedicellated flowers like racemose and are arranged in acropetal manner known as compound…


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