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    Explain the excretory system in insects?

    Excretion Excretion is the process whereby an organism eliminates metabolic wastes and unwanted chemicals from its system. Metabolism is  the sum total of all the chemical reactions occurring in the cells and body. Some products of these metabolic reactions are toxic  and so must be processed or eliminated from the body. Others are simply materials that are present in excess and so must be  eliminated as waste. The process of excretion is quite different to defecation, which is the removal of undigested food wastes from  the gut. However, the gut of many animals also has a role in excretion as some materials may be excreted into the gut and  eliminated…

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    While water is a better medium for the transmission of sound than air it is a much worse medium for the transmission of light. Basically, water absorbs light. This means that the further a ray of light travels through the water the weaker, or more attenuated it becomes. While we who live in the air can often see for several kilometres, sometimes even more than 20 km, a fish is lucky if it can see for 50 metres and generally it can see for far less than this. In muddy, algified or turbulent water visibility can often be measured in mere centimetres. Furthermore, because water absorbs light, the amount of…


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